Apple not interested in corporate customers

The few things are keeping me from being a solutions provider of Apple computer products to business.

First is Apple’s inability to inform business channels of their release schedule. I understand that they want to scam the average consumer and maximize consumption independent of a release schedule. For business customers, however, this just isn’t viable.

To recommend major platform purchases to businesses both large and small, I have to be confident that the platform is going to be viable and well timed. I have to know that support will be available and timely from the vendor. I have to be convinced that, as a proponent, reseller, or integrator, I will not be left twisting in the wind and risk my reputation if their organization flakes out and things go south for some reason.

I enjoy the Macintosh product. There are a lot of hacked tools and third party offerings that make it usable and support troubleshooting efforts, but nothing good in the way of supported solutions. Apple support for business is lackluster and follows the same policies that treat their run of the mill consumers like chumps that ordered an Ipod.

The last time I spent a significant amount of money on business hardware purchases comprising of multiple pieces of hardware, I was repeatedly mishandled and ignored by their corporate sales department. When I finally achieved resolution, which I needed to handle all myself, what was done to make amends from Apple corporate? They gave me a $20 sleeve for a laptop.

I am not a retiree looking for point and click email and a box to view media of grandchildren. I am a professional consultant looking for serious computing and supportable solutions and business practices for my customers.

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