Turning their game around

With the rampant astroturfing happening around Facebook’s upcoming IPO, I decided to have a celebration of my own; burning all of my data.

This week, I’m deleting my Facebook profile and all of the years of associated data.  So if the upcoming FB valuation is estimated at $94B and there are 425 million monthly active users, clearly my data should be worth about $221 bucks to investors.

I’m sure someone will be trying to short FB on the way down back to cruel cruel reality when venture cashes out to whoever, but it won’t be me.  I’ll just be content with burning my $221 of data.

Ali Meshkati had this to say in Forbes:

The S-1 filing and 99% of articles you have read should be crumpled up into a paper ball and thrown at your children when they don’t listen or your neighbor when he tells you a joke that isn’t funny. Allow your mind to run in directions that would cause any “rational” person to question your judgment and the truth about a company like Facebook will become apparent.


Just kidding.  You have no friends.  Thanks for your email!

What about accessing the walled garden of data that other people are keeping there? What if you have to work with the platform in someone’s assessment or marketing campaign fan page?

You can make a new blank profile, not contribute any user data, and laugh at the little psychological games that FB plays in attempts to wheedle your data from you.

What about pulling down your friends contact information to your phone and personal contact cloud via Facebook sync?

Oh I see. They’re not playing with the other kids on the block anymore as of 2011. I guess there’s no need to run Facebook mobile anymore on my android device either as there isn’t any real data exchange.

Too much data promiscuity.  Too little cleanup.

I hope that everyone cashes out before the dumb money figures out that the party is over before it started.

2 responses to “Turning their game around

  1. Personal cloud and personal cloud sharing technologies are the new hotness. Facebook Timeline looks like Myspace — and that’s the direction they are headed.

    If it’s not ServeToMe/StreamToMe, MotionTools Air Mouse, AirFoil, AirPlay, and/or DLNA compatible (or better), then it’s not on the right track. The idea here is open information, open media, and fully connected sharing with no walled gardens. Someone is going to social-mediatize personal cloud connection technologies, and that’s the new game.

    The Sony Tablet S and the Droid 4 both support DLNA without additional app installation. The iPad 3 is going to come with AirPlay++ with Mirroring++. Everything is going to be a 3D touch screen with front/back-facing 3D cameras that you can interact with using motion gestures and continuous augmented reality glasses/contacts. It’s no longer about apps, either. These technologies are going to be default, out-of-the-box, and cloud/social-media connected. I’m going to make a gesture and throw what I see in my glasses to any screen. I’m going to throw audio I hear from headphones to any speaker. I’m going to open YouTube on other people’s computers and show them videos, displaying them on their netbooks, TVs, tablets, e-readers, iPod touches, and phones with synchronized video and audio.

    “The Social Cloud”? I don’t know what we’re going to call it yet. But it’s here to stay. Facebook has nothing but the social part down right, and we all know how fast that can move on to bigger and better pastures.

  2. There’s also a book called “Delete” that you should check out. I’m reading it on my iPad 2 via the Safari To Go app.

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