Arrivial of the n95

As any proper geek should, I now have configured my new hardware to closely integrate into my life.

Most of it was quite straight forward, but there were a couple snags worth mentioning.

First is the Nokia Lifeblog software. You need to know the correct settings for things like Flickr and WordPress.

Second, N95 support is absent from Apple iSync by default. You will need to grab the plugin installer from Nokia here. It is cool that Nokia is supporting their products in this way. This is a fairly new development as this was not the case just a little while ago.

HSPDA speeds are respectable even via bluetooth tether:

Also of interest is that Twango, which has been acquired by Nokia for the purpose of providing a platform for their phones customers to better distribute rich content, has a license that does not make a grab for ownership (bold theirs):

License You Provide to Twango

Twango does not claim ownership in your content and your posting of content to Twango’s Service does not transfer any ownership rights in the content to Twango. Twango provides content sharing services, and by using this Service, you hereby grant a license to Twango in the content you post, which aids Twango in providing its Service. The license you grant to Twango is a worldwide license to use, copy, perform, display, and distribute the content you provide (including any commentary or electronic files of any type), and to prepare derivative works of, or incorporate into other works, your content. The license you provide to Twango is non-exclusive (that is, you can still license your content to other parties), fully paid, royalty-free, perpetual and irrevocable and you agree to allow Twango to grant and authorize sublicenses under the license (in other words, Twango can sublicense the content to others under the license you provide to Twango, but Twango will only do so to promote and provide its Service, such as, for example, to other parties that aid Twango in delivering the content electronically over networks). Twango will only use the content in the course of providing or promoting Twango’s Service.

How rare! Because of this I will give them a try if only to email people embedded links to random mobile-videos. Done like so.

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