Phone followup (again)

So tomorrow, the iPhone goes back just under the two-week-trial wire and I will be in a dead zone of no phone limbo until my Nokia n95 arrives when I’m at my conference in San Diego next week.

No phone for a few days. That will be an odd feeling. I wonder if I will survive.

I made sure that I was HSPDA provisioned today and that the iPhone business was going to be correctly removed from my account. It was done in record time; only another hour spent with a business care rep. Thankfully I don’t have to deal with the consumer support people, but the business support people. They are at least not complete jerks, but it does take a while like whenever you have to call in to a mobile provider.

I linked to for the n95 because, after speaking to a really cool guy at Nokia Corporate, I found that is an Official Serious Business Nokia Reseller. That means that if you buy from them, you shouldn’t get shafted like I did on phone upgrades as you should be buying a legit domestic production handset.

He also mentioned that if you are going to do any firmware upgrade you should preform a hard, not soft, reset of the handset first that first blows away all data. So:

  1. Backup Data
  2. Hard reset of handset
  3. Run firmware upgrade process
  4. Hopefully you don’t brick your multi-hundred-dollar widget
  5. Possibly be happy

Something like that anyway.

So by this time next week, I should be able to make video calls and run data applications and take calls at the same time. It’ll be like I live in Korea, Japan, or Europe! Wow! Finally decent mobile wireless technology in North America!

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