iPhone fails it

I am out of patience with the iPhone. It’s fired.

Seriously. How can any phone be released not having MMS? It was the straw that broke my already highly annoyed camel’s back. There are workarounds, sure, but is someone with an iPhone supposed to tell everyone they know to email them pictures instead of MMS? Weak.

The iPhone synched my contacts and calendar information alright in iTunes, but I also couldn’t manually sync music with the ipod functionality. I made some ringtones using itoner, which worked half the time, in order to not have to buy lame ringtones from iTunes. Also, no file transfers over wifi or bluetooth? Weak again.

I liked multitouch and the prettyness of it all, but it isn’t worth anywhere near $400 for a 8 gig ipod that answers phone calls. Howard Chui’s review is pretty on.

Even though Nokia shafted me on my e61, I’ll likely get an n95 next week. If not another Nokia, it will definitely be an HSPDA phone.

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