Traffic analysis and internet scams

A talk given at Google by Professor Ross Anderson entitled Searching for Evil on August 23, 2007.

Topics of interest include:

  • Traffic analysis and relevance to online services
  • Analogies from fraud to botnets and malware
  • Security economics
  • Targeting social networks
  • Evolving attack strategy
  • An overview of phishing
  • Rock-phish use of nonstandard phishing with fast-flux dns
  • Malicious site removal is slow when not infringing copyright
  • A variety of scamming methods
  • Irrevocable payments, western union, and e-gold
  • Is advertising distorting the web?

Interesting conclusions:

  • Vigilantes are the only people effectively targeting phishing mule recruitment
  • Plagiarism detection useful to find scammers

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