Playstation 3 and Oblivion

Since I am a huge nerd, I’ve had a Playstation 3 since December of last year.

Sony as a company makes a lot of really dumb decisions. Everyone has already talked to death Bluray and how they don’t like it because Sony made it.

As a computer enthusiast, I like Bluray because it offers a larger data capacity over the HD DVD format. It would be nice if Sony didn’t shoot themselves in the foot for a change and license their tech a bit more freely.

Sony has a really hilarious and unpopular string of blunders including rootkits on their media, the famous betamax debacle, the killing of their walkman brand with bizarre DRM, and other assorted licensing blunders with music and hardware. I have a bit of a morbid curiosity about when they’re planning to stop.

I have enjoyed playing the PSP in airports and on airplanes, but DVD prices for movies on a screen the size of a postage stamp? C’mon. Seriously? I know the typical clueless technology analysts and pundits claimed that mobile media was going to be huge, but guess what. No one cares to watch video on a small screen.

Any serious nerd would have told you that no one cared. Why didn’t you ask us?

I would actually like to see Blu-ray not die a stupid and horrible death, but will it? Probably. Sony will screw it up and HD DVD will gain acceptance for once again no other reason other than being not-Sony.

HD gaming is very pretty though. I went as far to pick up Ridge Racer 7 at launch.

As it had already been out for a while in Asia, the Japanese were already massively skilled at it making my play at online multiplayer comically futile.

I didn’t want to invest another 5 grand in a PC gaming rig capable of playing Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion last year, but now after a ton of people lost months of time into it, raved about it endlessly, and two other expansions have been released for it, it comes out with upgraded graphics on a ~15G blu-ray disk release for the PS3. I had to pick it up.

I’ve barely scratched the surface at it considering the massive amount of play and replay value it is supposed to have. I figure that I’ll dabble more in it once Super Paper Mario starts to drag on me a bit.

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