email form pet peeve

Seriously, you amateur coders. Listen up.

The “+” symbol is standards compliant and perfectly acceptable in an email address. It is also very useful to use!

Since I know you (the holders of my contact information in the United States, because it is a crime in other parts of the world, I believe) are all going to sell all of my account information in bulk to someone later on when your business model starts to flag and are not smart enough to cook your data beforehand. I like to know who to blame and put on my list of “banned for life” business people.

Your inability to understand how things should be written is messing that up, and I’m not appreciative!

If you are going to write something that involves an existing standard (and thats 99.999% of everything you ever do in your lifetime), do us all a huge favor and read the standard involved, wont you please?

Hint: RFC 2822 obsoletes RFC 822.

Perhaps everyone isn’t cut out to write code. It’s okay if it isn’t right for you and I don’t think any less of you. Honest! Lets try not to force it, shall we?

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