World Economic Forum: Digital Future [Jan 27th, 2006]

On C-Span, the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland played host to :

They were talking about technology, their thoughts on the direction of technology, and (of course) shameless pandering of their products.

c-span program description link

They had some interesting points to make and a lot of hype to sew. One that was encouraging to hear was that the transport layer of data networks approaching free; treated as a part of infrastructure and as a requirement for social and innovative growth such as physical transportation infrastructure [highways, and utilities], healthcare [healthy workers are a requirement for effecient business]. Telecommunication behemouths are, they say, stifiling inovation
by trying to capture the revenue of companies utilizing the data transport layer that they provide.
[ webcast and podcasts available here ]

The World Economic Forum webpage is here.

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