Another Week, Another GSM Cipher Bites the Dust

Orr Dunkelman, Nathan Keller, and Adi Shamir have released a paper showing that they’ve broken KASUMI, the cipher used in encrypting 3G GSM communications. KASUMI is also known as A5/3, which is confusing because it’s only been a week since breaks on A5/1, a completely different cipher, were publicized. So if you’re wondering if […]

Bored on a plane: Gogo wireless on Virgin America

I was looking forward to trying out some in-flight wifi on my flight to E3 today. Sadly, I have personal reservations about paying $10 for an hour worth of internet.

Why pay for internet when you can poke at their infrastructure for free?

See. I knew you would see it my way.

I […]

Twitter, Defcon, Geotaging

So I caved and succumbed to the lameness of Twitter mostly for the purposes of attending and coordinating things at large events. It’ll be hard to flow of people and places at events like Defcon without it.

Mostly I view twitter as a noise application. It posts “microblogging,” a term which people with near zero […]

The iPhone Meets Net Neutrality

Chris Soghoian made an interesting point in his recent cnet article entitled iPhone rules pose Net neutrality, antitrust concerns. My key point of interest here is the following:

Apple’s, and to a degree AT&T, inclination to lock in customers is counter to the current direction of the market. Verizon is opening their cellular network and […]

Flying geekstyle

There are enough platinum/exectutive/diamond flyers taking up the reduced space in the first class compartment to guarantee that I, without at least moderate elite status, will not be upgraded.What is a nerd to do?I now pick underutilized flights, get a window seat, and sit sideways with my laptop or reading material hogging the middle seat.As you can see, the windows are behind me…. This also reduces the amount of people who have access to snooping on me while I work.Another win.Things I take with me when I travel in this hostile airport-rich environment:One or more laptops (depending on work being performed)Personal media player with cheap noise canceling headphones (I have an old pair of Aiwas that I purchased 8 years ago for $50 from an electronics chain.) […]