Best of 26c3

Here is my list of the most important talks of the 26th Chaos Communication Congress [26C3] held in Berlin, Germany that was held last week.

Since my German language skills have eroded into near-worthlessness, I’m only going to mention presentations available in the English language.

Many videos are not yet up, but of those that […]

PAX 09

PAX, to me, seems like an unlikely event. Ten years of growth and loyalty to a couple of guys that wrote a web comic that struck to the heart of games and gamers and developed into a large and thriving community of game loving individuals and nerdcore people in general. I remember when they hooked […]

Toorcamp: Hacking HR

Toorcamp was many things this year.

It was fun.

It was uncomfortable.

Dustdevils ate things occasionally.

It was turbulent due to the trouble with Levitate to get hackers to help promote their event for free or they wouldn’t fulfill their agreement to let us use the missile facility for talks and workshops.

There was some […]

ITCi 2007

This is the presentation that I gave earlier this week at the ITCi Conference in San Diego, California. It was well received and fostered a lot of interesting discussion.

My recording of the event on my laptop had enough problems as to be distracting, so I gave up on using it to export a […]