Destroy Your Infrastructure

The state of the industry is now and has long been driven by companies selling easy solutions to the incredibly difficult problem of meeting the conflicting goals of performance, usability, and security. What the clued have known and the unclued usually have not is that there is no easy answers, turn-key appliances, or buttons to […]

The Art of Keeping Things Done

The current field of information security is largely one of arcana, vagueness, arbitrary views, philosophy, mountaintop sages, a general lack of reliable data, and legions of vendors selling “best practices.”

It was my hope that I could help out a little by giving a talk on my take of how our industry can best navigate […]

Monopoly Customer Service

After a few years of avoiding the cable industry, I went ahead and signed up for Comcast Highspeed2Go, a new bundled service where they resell Clearwire and combine it with conventional broadband home internet service.

As per usual large non-technical business operations, and I feel that I must classify Comcast as such, they launched a […]

Agile Infosec

This is a reprint of my comment to a Joshua Corman’s posting on The Fudsec Blog. Consider going there to read his article and the discussion that followed.

I can’t link to my comment there and, since I’m going to continue down the rabbit hole on this particular topic, I wanted to be certain that […]