Destroy Your Infrastructure

The state of the industry is now and has long been driven by companies selling easy solutions to the incredibly difficult problem of meeting the conflicting goals of performance, usability, and security. What the clued have known and the unclued usually have not is that there is no easy answers, turn-key appliances, or buttons to […]

What we do

It’s nice that geeks are cool now. Now there are a lot of people who say they’re hardcore. Here’s some of them:

These stereotypes are not who I’m going to be talking about, though I do have some guilty pleasures of a few of those portrayed above. I’m going to talk about me and […]

Toorcamp: Hacking HR

Toorcamp was many things this year.

It was fun.

It was uncomfortable.

Dustdevils ate things occasionally.

It was turbulent due to the trouble with Levitate to get hackers to help promote their event for free or they wouldn’t fulfill their agreement to let us use the missile facility for talks and workshops.

There was some […]

Big Tech Wins: Calendars

So that covers how I have made my contacts sane and available. What about calendars?

I have a bit of a complicated life, so I have a few different types of calendars:

Home, social, and personal stuff My day job Assorted other professional and industry engagements

The best way to get things all […]

Amazon downtime

There was recent news about how Amazon was down for two hours. Speculation runs rampant on cnet about the cause:

“It doesn’t seem to be the result of a network-initiated attack, at least from my preliminary analysis from our probes,” Ranjan said.

Human error may not sound as gripping […]