Turning their game around

With the rampant astroturfing happening around Facebook’s upcoming IPO, I decided to have a celebration of my own; burning all of my data.

This week, I’m deleting my Facebook profile and all of the years of associated data. So if the upcoming FB valuation is estimated at $94B and there are 425 million monthly active […]

Public and Private

In this brave new internet world (as of about 1995), I’ve been thinking of my personal information sharing generally as public and private.

Information Classification

Because of my work, classifying information comes as second nature. I have two separate and non-intersecting information streams. You are reading part of one of them.

100% of the talk […]

Monopoly Customer Service

After a few years of avoiding the cable industry, I went ahead and signed up for Comcast Highspeed2Go, a new bundled service where they resell Clearwire and combine it with conventional broadband home internet service.

As per usual large non-technical business operations, and I feel that I must classify Comcast as such, they launched a […]

New Nettiqute: A simple guide to communicating with your favorite geeks.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen an updated guide on email etiquette or netiquette in general.

This may be because there is about 300 guides written by out of work journalists whose’ exposure to technology was having played with an iPhone for about 5 minutes. I believe that they’re in the same […]

Best of 26c3

Here is my list of the most important talks of the 26th Chaos Communication Congress [26C3] held in Berlin, Germany that was held last week.

Since my German language skills have eroded into near-worthlessness, I’m only going to mention presentations available in the English language.

Many videos are not yet up, but of those that […]