Legendary Clue

I keep thinking about a conversation that I had this last December. They described people who were ran their servers and infrastructure well as never existing, or if they did, they do no longer. The person I was talking to called them “old school legendary ninjas.”


Ran stable systems with high uptime. Logged events […]

Unintentional games

For all the hype and declarations of world-changingness that have been made about mobile technology, social networks, the new hype sounds a lot like the old hype. Only the drastic hyperbole in place of earnings has changed. Only schoolgirls and iPhone fanboys crave the mobile experience; they didn’t replace conventional computers nor did (or will) […]

Monopoly Customer Service

After a few years of avoiding the cable industry, I went ahead and signed up for Comcast Highspeed2Go, a new bundled service where they resell Clearwire and combine it with conventional broadband home internet service.

As per usual large non-technical business operations, and I feel that I must classify Comcast as such, they launched a […]

The Politics of Respect

There is a lot of perennial talk of social engineering and direct project/resource management. Attempts to solve complicated political situations with manipulation or a slick widget tend not to work very well over time. They are not addressing the underlying issue.

The wedge of compliance or a mandate from a framework may get some […]

Contracting and Consulting

So you want to be a consultant or a contractor?

When I have told tales of some of the contracts and consultancy gigs I have worked, people think it sounds pretty nice. There’s a big bill rate, you escape some of problems of being an employee, what could possibly go wrong, right?

Not always. Sometimes […]